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Please submit your work to the proper folder! We have found drawing placed in the fan fiction folder and cos-play photos in the member submissions.  Just in case there are any doubts, here are the definitions for the folders:

:bulletorange:PG-13 and up Anything with content that could be potentially offensive to people.  This includes panty shots, boob shots, inflation or anything sexualizing the characters.  

:bulletgreen:Crossovers Any medium featuring the Scooby gang interacting with characters from another series.
:bulletpurple:Fan Comics Any work done in a multi-panel format or submitted as a comic strip.  
:bulletyellow:Fan Fiction Kind of self explanatory.  Any prose or narrative text without images.  If your story has images that accompany it (illustrations) you may put these in the fanfiction folder, but clearly state that they are illustrations that accompany a story.
:bulletorange:Cosplay an Dressup Self explanatory.  These should be photos of you or your friends cos-playing as the characters.

:bulletgreen:Demotivators Any posters made on the demotivator template.
:bulletpurple: Memes and Miscellaneous Blank memes or ones you filled out.

Anything else that does not fall under these definitions, submit to "Member Submissions."  Pieces may be moved to appropriate folders at the admins' discretions. Admins may also vote to deny a piece that is not submitted to the proper folder.  If this occurs, please resubmit to the proper folder and it will most likely be accepted.
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November 1, 2011


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